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So, as some of you know, I am employed by a major non-profit health insurance carrier, and my days as of late have been spent in learning the details of the Affordable Care Act (aka "health care reform," aka "Obamacare," aka "how to give a Republican an aneurysm"), and what its provisions mean, and how they will impact people in general (and our members in particular).

it occurs to me that some of you might have questions about all this, so here I am.

Full disclosure: I am a licensed health and disability provider in the states of Washington (as a resident) and Oregon (as a non-resident). I can answer specific questions about Cover Oregon and the Washingtonhealthplanfinder, and more general questions about the federal provisions of the Act and the exchanges, but if you're not in Washington or Oregon I may not be able to answer your state-specific questions. (But try me.) My specialty is small businesses, but I have been trained in both individual and large businesses. I do not get any kind of financial compensation for helping people or sending them to my carrier (and in fact being compensated by anyone for doing this would be considered a conflict of interest and I could lose my license, so there you have it).

Feel free to link this around, if you know someone else who might have questions.
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If you are obsessively refreshing your reading list, or you check it before 4 PM EST, you can get in on the one-card draw that [personal profile] miintikwa is doing. Check it out, drop her a few dollars if you have some - she's got a very reasonable goal - enjoy!
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If you have questions that need answers, you should ask [personal profile] ariestess; she's doing a one-card draw today.
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Someone has to have written a FFVIII high school detective AU, right? Because Ultimecia going "I would've gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for you meddling kids," is so blatantly obvious, SOMEBODY has to have thought of it. LINK ME PLS.
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Because paranoia is the new black.


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